Season 5

Will he appear on Season 5? I love him and Sansa so I'm curious

Patty Halliwell (talk) 22:36, September 9, 2014 (UTC)

To put it vaguely...Season 4 ended with the climax of Book 3, when Tyrion kills Tywin. Book 3 got split across two seasons because it is the longest. Book 4 and Book 5 were originally one huge book, but then got split in half due to even longer length --- Book 4 deals with "characters in the Seven Kingdoms" while Book 5 includes all of the chapters with "characters not in the Seven Kingdoms" (at the Wall, in the Free Cities, in Slaver's Bay). Both happen simultaneously. Book 5 is the most current book (though it includes at least one chapter at the end for those "characters in Westeros" from book 4, just to tease what will come next).
Some characters in the TV series have almost reached the end of their Book 5 material, specifically Bran Stark's storyline is a single chapter away from the end. He meets the Three-eyed raven and the Children of the Foreset in the second-to-last chapter. But at the same time, other characters are behind where they were at the end of Book 3 -- the Greyjoys have been all but ignored, and Jon Snow still has a few chapters from the closing of Book 3 which haven't been adapted yet (there was a bit of material as an epilogue of sorts, or fallout, from the big battle). But generally, most characters are at the end of Book 3 at this point.
Rickon does not appear in Book 5, but at the end of Book 5, he starts being discussed, and characters realize where he was hiding...setting up his return after all of this time, coming in Book 6 (as yet unpublished).
But will the TV series strictly follow this? We don't know. They might move some of Rickon's storyarc ahead, given how they might condense the book (just as Theon or Bran are also in their Book 5 material by now). The book is based on character POV narration...but the TV series has an omniscient character. While the book just has a character say "I know where Rickon has been hiding and we're going there" the TV series, they might actually then cut the camera to show a 30 second clip of where Rickon actually is, right?
But at most it would be a cameo at the end of Season 5, and I doubt it. He should become very important again by Season 6. All depends on how fast they choose to adapt things. If I were in charge, going at the pace they need to adapt such vast material, he really wouldn't appear in Season 5.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 21:44, September 15, 2014 (UTC)